BizWorld Attends TweetUp

BizWorld debuted our tweeting team at the TweetUp gathering, hosted by Scientific Learning. BizWorld met fellow tweeters, including @NMHS_Principal! It was a great way to make new connections and spread the word about our new Twitter feed! Remember to follow BizWorld on twitter for all the latest updates! Find us on twitter @bizworldorg, and like our Facebook page to stay updated on all the latest BizWorld news and events.


BizWorld Travels to ASCD Conference

The BizWorld Foundation recently traveled to Philedelphia to attend the annual ASCD conference! We used the conference as an opportunity to connect with educators, and provide curriculum for over 800 new BizWorld students! Dillon Prime, the principle of Bronx Works Middle School, is very excited to use all three kits (BizMove, BizWiz, and BizWorld). He says the programs have “great school vision alignment!” In addition, our programs went out to such locales as the British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago. Elizabeth Theodore (of TT), said that she wishes, “to expose students to varied ways of learning…it’s always fun to learn once it’s relevant and interesting!” We couldn’t be more pleased with the opportunities the Conference offered. Thanks ASCD!